September 26, 2005

All my regular readers know by now how much I enjoy David Morgan-Mar's Irregular Webcomic!. I should really stop stealing his intellectual property without his permission, but hey, it's fun.

For those 6 or so of you who don't know Irregular Webcomic, the man in the hat is my favorite IWC character, Dr. Montana Jones of the Cliffhangers storyline, which takes place shortly before World War II.

No, today's strip isn't the start of a story-arc. It's just a gag I figured would make people laugh.

You might think panel 6 was easy for me. Just a couple of Lego guys and a camera, right?


I don't have Lego guys. Nor do I have a digital camera (I know, I know, I need to join the 21st century). So panel 6 is actually a composite of two pictures made by David Morgan-Mar.

The bulk of the image was stolen from IWC Strip 772, panel 3. I used Photoshop to carefully remove Dr. Ginny Smith from the picture. This was no easy task, especially cause there are lego pips at her feet that I had to duplicate.

Then, I took a pic of Andy from this C&A strip which was the C&A half of a Strip swap we did long ago. I carefully took Andy from panel 1 and put him in to the image. Cleaning up the edges around Andy was a real hassle.

After doing all that work, it occurred to me that I probably could have nicely asked David to set up that scene and take a picture of it for me. Ah well. At least this way David gets to enjoy the gag, too. :)

Finally, there's a new piece of fan-art today.


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