October 3, 2005

As always, remember that the pictures have nothing to do with the riddle. In fact, in many DRDs, I have been known to be intentionally deceptive with pictures.

Just to keep people from getting too far off track, the talk bubble related to the Dog-O-Mat is not relevant. It's just a gag.

Meanwhile, in baseball news, the Red Sox won the game I was at Fenway for, then promptly lost the following day. This clinched the division for the Yankees.

Then they won today (demolishing the Skanks 10-1), and the Indians lost! this is fantastic because it means the Red Sox have clinched the wildcard. Their next task is to defeat the Chicago White Sox in a 5 game (I think) series so that they can go on to the American League Championship. Sox vs. Sox, baby!

Also, the Casey and Andy Wiki continues nicely. I will add a permanant link to it on the left when I get less freakin' lazy.



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