October 19, 2005

It's been a long time since I did a proper Mad Science gag. I would say the main negative feedback I get about C&A is that there's not enough Mad Science. "I have a fever... and the only cure is more Mad Science" writes one reader.

So today, I got back to basics. Good old Casey and Andy with Mad Science and unfortunate results.

And yes, I know, the atmosphere at the "dawn of life" wasn't breatheable. My bullshit explination is that it's not the moment that life came about, but perhaps a few million years into life existing on Earth, which is so close to the beginning of life that it can fairly be called the "dawn".

The reason I give this explination is so that I don't have to go edit the comic text to be some other era. As you may recall, I'm the world's laziest cartoonist. If they had a contest to see who was the laziest cartoonist, I wouldn't even show up. Too much effort.


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