December 19, 2005

It was just another one of those days where I simply could not come up with an idea for a strip. And when that happens, you get cheesecake.

I have to tell you. After putting a bunch of work in to making that pic of Satan, it really pained me to "age" it with cloudy overlays and noise. But hey, I set the standard of aging the paper back when I did the first Classic Casey and Andy Day. Though I kept a copy of it pre-aging in case I ever want to make wallpaper or something.

And for those of you who are interested, Gametable 1.1 is available for download. You can find it at the gametable site, which is for those of you too lazy to move your mouse a few inches to the left to click the link to it in the button bar beside this news area.

There are a bunch of new features, including hex mode, runtime save and load, runtime pog additions, and a ton of bug fixes. Check it out.


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