January 25, 2006

This is actually a true story. Though not with my cat. My coworker had pretty much that exact conversation with an emergency vet line. Although the pills his cat got ahold of were some perscription thing with a complicated name. I made them Advil so people would know what it was and wouldn't worry about Cujo too much.

As for my friend's cat, everything turned out fine.

Now, that isn't to say Cujo hasn't treated me to an emergency vet run at 3am on a Sunday. Cause he has! One time I was petting him and he snapped at me. Clearly it hurt him for some reason. I felt around that area and found an abscess. When they get big enough, you can feel them under the skin. I felt around some more and realized that this abscess started on his back and worked its way all the way around to his stomach. It was a huge freakin infection. He's so furry, I never noticed. So off to the emergency vet we went.

When I brought him back, he had a tube through him to let the abscess drain over time, and a satellite dish thing on his head to keep him from picking at it. He was still partially under the anesthesia he'd be under. He walked to the center of the bedroom, looked me in the eye, and pissed on the floor.

That's my boy. That's when I knew he'd be all right. :)


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