January 30, 2006

The things on Casey's feet in panel 6 are the "Cross-Country Water Skis" we invented. They have a complicated rudder-brake system underneath them that allows the operator to use the skis to walk on water. They actually worked, though they required an inordinate amount of strength to actually make progress with. Though it's hard to tell, Casey is actually standing on water that's 12 feet deep.


EXCITING NEWS: There is a Beta of Gametable 1.2 available for download. Now I want to make this clear, this is a BETA. If you download it and bitch about bugs months from now, I will have absolutely no pity for you, cause the correct version will be up.

Gametable 1.2 Beta

Please report any bugs you find to the Gametable Forum.

The documentation that ships with Gametable has not been brought up to date to match the current featureset. You should check the forum for the list of new features.


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