March 6, 2006

So I finally switched from Blockbuster to Netflix.

A few days ago, I went to Blockbuster to see what was available. And the answer was: nothing. All of the new releases were out. It's been this way for weeks. Every new release day, they all get rented before I get there.

So I tell the clerks that they should order more copies cause they're consistanly, invariably, understocked. The response from the clerks was that they have no say in the matter and they just get sent movies and shelve them. Plus, they were snotty and vaguely hostile about it.

So I had to consider: What does Blockbuster have over Netflix, anyway? The answer is: Instant Gratification. Netflix has them beat in every other way. They have more selection. They have better service. They cost less.

Well, now I can't go in to Blockbuster and get the movie I want any more. So the ONE advantage they had is gone. If I have to wait several days to get the movie I want, I may as well use Netflix. So I am.

I often complain about BAD CAPATALISM, when an industry could make more money by serving the customers better or differently but they don't. Well today, I'm here to talk about GOOD CAPATALISM. Netflix is just that.


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