April 17, 2006

No update, No cheesecake. Sorry folks. I got pretty busy this weekend, and managed my time poorly. I'm going to have to not update at all today. C&A will resume on Wednesday, April 19, 2006.



April 14, 2006

In real life, Casey and I actually put a fair bit of thought and effort into designing our own submarine.

Actually, it was going to be a combination car/submarine like James Bond had. Though ours was going to have a deeper crush depth (1000 feet).

We called it "The Gosub". I vowed that I would actually make one if I ever had enough money to buy the parts. Well now I have enough money to buy the parts, but Jesus. That thing would have been a freakin' deathtrap.

Though I do still have vague ideas about making a man-powered submarine some day.


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