May 18, 2006

As you know, I'm working on another comic on the side. I have a bit more work to do on that, and once I'm done, I'll return to a 3 update schedule for C&A. It'll be several more weeks before that happens, though.


Drawing backgrounds in a comic takes forever. So way back toward the beginning on C&A, I decided that I wouldn't draw them. Because I'm the World's Laziest Cartoonist. Sometimes there has to be a couch or something in frame, so I'll draw that. But other than necessary props, I don't do backgrounds. So I just fill with a color and make a lighter circle of the color.

I often try to make the background colors represent the mood of the panel. If there's a lot of action happening, the colors will be red. If someone's depressed or nonplussed, I'll make them grey. And I usually put the lightened circle where I want the reader to focus on.

I also use the background colors to indicate location. Ifthe setting shifts to another locale, I'll change the background colors. For instance, today when J.J. is inside, the background colors are green. Once she's outside, they're blue.

That's so totally easier than drawing a living room and a city block.


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