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Two new pieces of fan-art today.

So I'm now very close to finishing the purchase of my house. I'm pretty excited and terrified at the same time. I already have a list of like 10,000 things I need to do to the place and I haven't even moved in yet.

I'm almost done working on the other comic, and will soon (within a few weeks) be returning to a 3/week schedule for C&A.

I don't want to get too deep in to details on the other comic, but I will release it an entire "issue" at a time. The first issue is 23 pages long. So before I can post it, I need to finish all of them. I decided this was the best way to tell a story. When you release a page a week like many pure-serial comics do, there's a drive to make each and every page interesting. Also, the readers only get one page a week, meaning if you spend a few pages with exposition or conversation, the reader has to wait a really long time for something interesting to happen. The "whole comic book" approach will allow me to tell a story the way I want without making the reader wait a month to finish reading a 20 second conversation.

And I'm intentionally not telling you the name of the other comic, because I don't want you bastards googling for it and finding stuff I posted just for friends to see and critique.


A long time ago, I introduced Dante as a character. He's a tourist in hell. I even started a story arc with him. But I quickly lost interest and halted the arc. Many have asked why.

The reason is because Dante's flippant personality was almost indistinguishable from Andy. There was no room for two such characters, so Dante had to fade into the background.


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