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June 5, 2006

If I were sent way back in time, I'd end up being the greatest writer ever. Better living through plagerism!


My very first serial storyline was called "Detectives". I wrote it in the 8th grade. It was straight fiction writing (text, no graphics), and it centered around a detective named Jack Jackson who repeated himself a lot. "My name's Jack. Jack Jackson. I'm on a case. A big Case..." He had an assistant nicknamed "Beer" because he drank a lot. And he was ever in search of the elusive Mr. X who was the crime boss of the whole city (who of course later turned out to be his brother).

I had a bit of a following with those stories. Several students would gather around lunch time for the daily one-page continuation of the story. And one of my regular readers was none other than Jim (Lord) Milligan. And I bet he's reading this right now going "Holy crap, I haven't thought of that in years!".


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