June 18, 2006

I am moving to my new house. (Yay!)

Unfortunately, this means I'l lbe without internet and really busy. Immediately after I move, my parents are visiting. So basically, there won't be any C&A updates this week. (Boo!) On top of that, my parents are here till that Sunday, meaning I might not have time to make a strip for the following Monday. (Double Boo!)

The next C&A update might be Monday, June 26. If there's no update on that date, there will definitely be an update on Thursday, June 29.

Cheshire Crossing generated a lot of positive feedback (and some negative feedback. Fuckers.) So I'm deliberating on how best to spend my time. I'm wondering if I should hold off on CC issue 2 until C&A is done, or if I should continue as I have done, making 2 C&As a week and averaging 1 page of CC per week to 10 days.

On the one hand, if I just hold off on CC, C&A can go back to its traditional MWF schedule. On the other hand, doing that would hold off *starting* CC issue 2 for 3 months. That would add 3 months to an already painfully long update schedule.

So for now I'm leaning to keeping things the way they are. C&A and CC. 2/week for C&A, and slow progress on CC. But if you have strong opinions, feel free to post them in the forum. (Don't email them. I get a lot of email, and couldn't possible keep track of all the opinions that way).


Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

June 14, 2006

Well, here it is. The big day. I am finally releasing the new webcomic. I hope you all like it.

It's called Cheshire Crossing. And rather than describe what it's about, I'll just ask you to read it.


I've got some serious butterflys now, I'm telling you. It took me a really long time to make issue 1. I invented a new art style for it. If people don't like the story or the art or whatnot, well, that will have been time wasted.

The Cheshire Crossing forum is a category in the C&A forum. So if you're registered at the C&A forum, you can post in the CC forum.

Well let's hope it was worth it.


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