Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

Alert readers have reminded me that I was posting a bit of C&A trivia with each strip of this arc. Frankly, I had forgotten that over the hiatus. Well I'll get back to it, shall I?

We discover in this story arc that Frances Cleveland is Satan. However, I didn't come up with that idea until I was scripting out the arc. So it kind of makes this strip a little strange. But I figure I can justify it by saying it's the principle of the thing that Satan was upset about. Or, perhaps she was aggressive about it simply to prevent Andy from finding out she was Frances Cleveland. Pick any explanation you like.

In the GURPS C&A sourcebook, there is a little 3-page story-arc featuring Andy going back in time and taking Frances to the present. Satan finds out and is visibly angry. Again we have a little strangeness there. If for no other reason than there is a period of time where there are two Satans walking the earth. Probably that's bad for mankind.


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