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That's certainly the most graphic violence that's ever been in C&A. Casey and Andy have both "died" many times of course, sometimes unpleasantly. But there's never been blood and gore.

In 19th century fiction the Devil is truly evil. Not the stylish, deal-keeping friendly personna that is portrayed in most 20th/21st century works. So I figure that means she had a different personality back then. I guess she mellowed out a bit in the intervening 120 years.


I'm going to reveal a little comic author secret.

When you have a minorly successful comic like I do, people start coming up to you and suggesting ideas for plots or gags. 9 times out of 10, the idea will suck. The other time, the idea will suck more. People who don't make comics themselves rarely understand that what seems funny when they first come up with it might not be funny when actually made in to a comic. Or it will be an incredibly trite and overused gag ("Hey, what if they made jokes about knowing they're comic characters!").

But you don't want to hurt their feelings. They're usually your friends. So how do you politely deflect their retarded comic idea without making them feel bad? The answer: "I'll put that in my ideas file."

Pretty much every comic author has an Ideas File. It's hard to come up with new gags several times a week. So when you come up with one, you write it down. Eventually you realize you need a central place for them. So you have 20 or so ideas in a file somewhere. When you're stumped, you peruse it and pick the best one.

Just tell your friend "I'll put that in my ideas file" and they suddenly understand their idea will be put with many others and not immediately made in to a comic. They no longer have the silent expectation to see their idea in your next update, and walk away happy. Of course, you never make their idea into a comic (nor are you likely to actually put it in to your ideas file) but they forget about the whole conversation long before they would get suspicious about it.


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