Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

July 7, 2008:

In the C&A universe, "JURRRZ" is the official sound of time travel. I believe that started somewhere around the "Jenn in Time" story arc. Consistant sound effects make storytelling easier.

In other news, I will again reiterate that the strip is very unlikely to end at 666. I'll keep making strips till the story is done. That's now looking like it'll be well beyond 666.


I have only ever publicly named one story arc in C&A. That was "Quantum Crook". All the rest of them have generally accepted names, devised by fans. The wikipedia article lists the story arcs as: "Evil Mime", "Hell Coup", "Quantum Crook", "Jenn in Time", "the Mountain of Mages", "The Petroniad", and "the Final Story Arc".

Some of those arcs had internal names, used by Casey and I when discussing plot ideas. "Evil Mime" was originally called "The Story Arc" because it was the first one C&A ever had. We referred to the "Jenn in Time" arc as "Back to the Jenn". "Mountain of Mages" was simply "The Fantasy Arc". I've been calling the current story "The Finale Arc".


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