December 8, 2003

So I had a root canal on Friday. It wasn't that bad. I don't know how they got such a bad reputation. I was numbed, didn't feel a thing, the Dentist did his thing, and that was it. No worse than a filling (but it took longer). And when the Novocain wore off, no pain. After all, there's no nerve in there anymore. So the tooth doesn't hurt a bit. I want root canals on all my teeth! I come from a long line of white, white Anglo white people. Consequently, I have the British "horrible teeth" gene. My teeth are constantly at war with my dentist. As soon as he fixes one, another presents a problem. When I go in to the Dentist's office, everyone says "Hi, Andy!". I'm like Norm from Cheers.

Anyway, having spent time at a Dentist, I figured it was time for some dental humor.



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