December 5, 2003

Strip swap! Woot! Today's strip was provided by the amazing and talented DMM of Irregular Webcomic. You can see what I did to get even with him over at his site, Irregular Webcomic!

Todays comic, being a product of DMM's giant mutant brain, warrant's some explination. Here's my take: Since the mere act of observing an event affects the event (photons had to hit the particle you're watching, etc), Andy claims that observers to any event are responsible parties in that event. He goes on to assume that he must therefore not be responsible for the event because the observers were affecting it.

So Quantum Cop whacks him on the noggin. Casey observes this, so by Andy's own logic, Quantum Cop is not responsible for whacking him.

As usual, Quantum Cop wins. Thanks DMM for a great comic. :)



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