February 20, 2004

This is nearly a true story. I actually do have a cat named Cujo. I also have another, secret, cat named Blofelt. He has an ear infection and there's all this nasty crap oozing out. So I decided to try to swab it out with Q-tips. He struggled at first and then...

Kitty Eargasm.

He started pushing against the Q-tip so hard I was afraid he'd damage his ear.

Anyway. Apparently, I'm some kind of kitty ear-whore. But I'm used to living in a "feliocracy" so all is well.


PS: Don't try Q-Tipping your cat's ears at home, kids. Any vet in the universe will tell you not to put stuff in your pet's ears. I was only swabbing the outer ear, and I have about 20 years of experience owning cats, so I know my way around an infected ear.


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