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June 28, 2004

Useless piece of trivia for the day: In every production of "Peter Pan," including stage, screen, and made-for-TV, Whoever plays the part of Mr. Darling (Wendy's father) also plays the part of Captain Hook. There is no requirement for this in the script, it's just a tradition. But it's an odd one if you think about it. There is no symbolic link between Captain Hook and Mr. Darling. At least, none that I see. Mr. Darling is portrayed as a good and caring father.

A number of plays have strange traditions. For instance, I've heard that MacBeth is never called MacBeth by serious thespians. It's considered bad luck. They call it "The Scottish Play".

Anyway, I thought that Peter Pan thing was kind of neat. It even permiated the Disney animated version. They made Captain Hook and Mr. Darling look exactly alike (other than clothes, of course) and had the same voice actor.


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