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June 30, 2004

So I went to the dentist yesterday. It was my 30th trip in the past 18 months. Everyone at the dental office knows my by name. When I walk in, it's like Norm walking in to Cheers. I used to get tense and nervous about dental visits. Now I fear no procedure. Why? Cause I've had almost all of them several times.

I have had, in the last 18 months:
4 root canals
1 Crown
Approximately 15 fillings.

In the near future I will be getting:
At least three posts. Maybe 4
4 more crowns, maybe 5
Probably another root canal and crown
Around 5 more fillings

The moral of the story: Take care of your teeth, or you'll get to know your dentist better than your own family.

Speaking of my dentist, ever wonder what dentists do after they give you the shot? You know, they wander off for 10 minutes. Well my dentist (who is a great dentist, by the way) was asking what I do in my spare time and I mentioned the comic. After the shot, he went on walkabout, as is required by the ADA.

When he came back, he called me an Asstard.

So I don't know what YOUR dentist does, but the good ones read C&A. :)

Both of these comics are based on my dentist

Strip 41 (He has black hair. I don't know why I made him blonde there)
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