December 1, 2004

It's really hard to draw hands the way they are in panel 4. Which is really bad, cause that's a "Mad Scientist" pose that I will probably need to draw from time to time, considering the nature of the strip.

Speaking of Mad Science: In July of next year, Nasa's "Deep Impact" probe will reach comet Temple1 and shoot it with an 820 pound bullet. They're not sure what will happen, but they plan to be watching it closely. The most likely scenereo is that it will leave a several-hundred-meter crater on the comet. Though, they admit there is a small chance the impact will BLOW THE COMET UP ENTIRELY!

Needless to say, this experiment will almost certainly garner the coveted "Casey and Andy Mad Science Award". And if they actually do BLOW UP A COMET, well shit, I'll have to make an all new, even more prestigious award for that. We'd be celebrating the first time Earth shot down a celestial body, and that would warrant jubilation!


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