January 31, 2005

Or had you forgotten that Dr. X is the Dictator of France?

Note: This guy is donating all proceeds from his book saled to Tsunami relief. So you might want to check it out:

So. The Elections in Iraq came and went. There were some attacks. 44 people died. But what I see as a much more important fact is that there was (at last count) about a 66% voter turnout. That's more than almost every American election. Just think about it. They went out despite warnings from terrorists and literally risked their lives to vote. And they did it by the truckload. 8 million of them. That shows a definite interest and conviction in democracy. It implies that they're unlikely to let go of it now that they have it. And that is the best news I've heard in the post 9-11 era.

It's the first light we've seen in the long bleak tunnel that is the Iraq war. The problems aren't over, of course. The insurgents aren't going to stop because of it. Our troops don't get to come home now. There's still a long way to go. But, while I don't believe this retroactively justifies our invasion, I do believe it's a great day for Iraq and for everyone who stands against extremism.

Yay Iraq!


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