February 2, 2005

Casey told me specifically not to give him any credit for today's gag, so I'd just like to say that Casey deserves all the credit for today's gag!

Actually, it's a long story dating back to an actual D&D session when I was in college. My thief, Blackwood, was in a shop of questionable repute and noticed an Amulet of Protection from Thieves and stole it. He did this to prove that it was not effective. Still, the irony appealed to him and he wore it wherever he went from then on.

Casey reworked that into a gag and sent it to me. Then I reworked it into a different gag (He suggested just having Casey stare at Andy for the final frame. I decided to squeeze in some more humor).

And such is the way comic gags come to pass. Rarely if ever do I get a complete idea at once. It evolves, changes, and warps over time.


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