February 4, 2005

So I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately, and I only have one real complaint:

Not much ability to make hot Horde chicks.

Whenever I play an MMO, I always play a girl, under the (quickly spreading) theory that if I'm going to stare at an ass while I play, it should be a nice one. There are countless ways to make beautiful women with Night Elves or Humans. But on the Horde side options are slim. Orc women are pretty ugly. Tauren women are hideous, and undead women have missing chunks of flesh and really bad hair.

See, I think Blizzard really missed the boat. The Horde is (sort of) evil. So they missed out on their opportunity to make: Evil Booty.

Think about it. Instead of spindly flesh-missing things with saggy breasts, they could have made beautiful goth-chicks with glowing red eyes or something. And just cause male orcs are ugly doesn't mean the females have to be. They could have really nice figures and cute little fangs. And female taurens could be basically furries. But no, they had to make Horde women ugly. However, you can make a reasonably attractive troll. So that's what I did.

Still. Insufficient Evil Booty.


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