February 9, 2005

When I did that first King of Sweden gag, I never imagined there'd be so many follow-ups. But they just keep presenting themselves.

Answers to yesterday's quiz comic are:

1. Dumb-ass-o-mat
2. Clone-o-mat
3. Phobia-swap-o-mat
4. Mass-convert-o-mat
5. Casey Vaporizo-anihilato-mat
6. Chess-o-mats
7. Razor Sharp Propeller-o-mat
8. Time-stop-o-mat
9. Mind-read-o-mat
10. The Heisenburger
11. Shrink Ray
12. Kill-o-mat
13. Submarine
14. L33t-o-mat
15. Tact-remove-o-mat
16. The Planet Devourer
17. Bio-o-mat
18. Big-kaboom-o-mat
19. End-of-the-world-o-mat
20. Quantum Vector Collector
21. Cold Fusion Experiment
22. Slave-o-mat
23. Anti-Matter
24. Wood-Powered Submarine

And I have to say, of all the little quizzes and riddles I've posted, this one drew, by far, the LEAST interest. Not a single person posted the answers to the forum. Nobody sent email asking for the answers (which is rare). It just didn't captivate people.

Just when I think I know what my readers will like, I get taught a lesson. Well good. Keeps me from getting cocky.


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