Note: The current story arc begins at Strip 446

May 13, 2005

I know a number of you will be wondering: "Why does Quantum Cop have to wear a head bandage when there's a healer right there?"

My answer is this: Andina performed at least 3 resurrections today (Chief Paper-Pusher Stan, King Bloid, and Kasor) and also would have had to heal them to full hit points. Also, earlier she cast speak with dead. Quantum Cop wasn't dead, but he was seriously wounded. She just didn't have enough heals to top him off to full HPs. And naturally, the royals take higher priority. She probably didn't have too many prepped. She didn't know they'd be needed.

That's the official answer. The *actual* answer is: I wanted to throw a small amount of beefcake at my female readers. He's a brilliant man, in uniform, with a bandage. I think that's probably pretty sexy. However, I'm not really good with women, so I'm just guessing here.


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