September 19, 2005

Ok, so I have to admit: I've been TERRIBLE at managing the fan-art sent to me.

I have no automated system of adding fan-art to the gallery, so I have to do it manually, which involved making a thumbnail and yadda yadda yadda.

So basically it comes down to this: There's a buttload of fan-art that I have been sent that I never posted, and the embarrasing part is I didn't organize it well so I've lost a lot of it.

I have added three pieces to the fan-art gallery today. The three that I could find:

But there's a bunch more that I just didn't add, and I feel guilty. Also, back when I was taking guest strips to cover the updates while I moved to Boston, I said that any strips that didn't post as updates would be placed in the fan-art gallery. I didn't do that. Cause I suck. And I now no longer have the fan-strips.

So if you sent a strip that didn't get posted, or if you have sent any fan-art that didn't get posted, please re-send it, and I promise I'll be a good boy and put it in the gallery.


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