September 21, 2005

Grover Cleveland's grave is in Princeton, New Jersey:

Cleveland's Grave

Sometimes I worry that a gag might be in really bad taste. But then I remember that pretty much this whole strip is in bad taste, so I'm comfortable with it.

In other news: Two new pieces of fan-art today.

Finally, I have noticed that the wikipedia and comixpedia pages for C&A have an alarming amount of detail in them. So it seems to me that people like categorizing things related to C&A. So, I rather spontaneously made a wiki for Casey and Andy. It's here:

It's completely empty at the moment. I have no intention of doing anything to it. But everyone has access to add/change whatever they like. If there's enough interest in it, I'll keep it around. If not, I'll throw it away. Really, it's mainly intended to be a toy for readers to play with and have some fun. Knock yourselves out.

However, of course, Only add things related to the comic, please.


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