October 10, 2005


So I've been immersing myself in Kim Possible lately, and I am really annoyed that Disney has not put the series up for sale on DVD. What's up with that? Same with Warner Brothers and Justice League. Don't these people WANT my money?

So I'm acquiring it through illegal means. Just cause Disney isn't making Kim Possible DVDs doesn't mean nobody is. Bwa ha ha.


So it turns out that I like boobs. Yes, I know, that's a shocker.

While watching Kim Possible, I have noticed there are two distinct types of boobs to be found: Pointy boobs and round boobs.

Kim has pointy boobs. Her boobs are basically right angles coming out of her chest. Monique also has pointy boobs. Shego and Bonnie have round boobs. They look more like traditional boobs in their shape.

Don't believe me? Google for screenshots. You'll see what I mean.

I'm wondering why the two styles?


I think someone should write a grittier version of it. Like, made for adults. Not porn, just... PG-13. Like:

Scene: An unknown man in a bed. Close up on his head and shoulders.

Man: Wow! This sort of thing never happens to me!

(Pan out to reveal Shego in bed with him, facing away, somewhat disinterested.)

Shego: I thought we agreed you wouldn't talk.

Man: I mean, I only dropped in to that bar to get a beer on the way home! I never thought I'd get a girl there!

Shego: Right place, right time. Now shush.

Man: Hey, your eyes were closed the whole time. You were pretending I was someone else, weren't you? Who?

Shego: (glares, then gets out of bed and gets dressed) I have to go. (She heads toward the door)

Man: Hey, I never caught your name!

Shego: I never dropped it.

Exit Shego

See, there's a great way to start a gritty fanfic!


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