October 12, 2005

Thanks to a fan called "Kajiki" there is now a Casey and Andy Test-O-Mat.

It's your basic "Which C&A character are you?" deal. If you're interested, a number of the people who the strip's characters are based on have taken the test. Here are our results:

Real person ==> C&A Quiz result
Casey ==> Casey
Andy(me) ==> Casey
Mary ==> Religious Zealot
Jenn ==> Jenn
Jim Milligan ==> Lord Milligan

Yes, that's right. My test results said I was Casey. Oh, the humiliation! Although Mary ended up being the Religious Zealot. So that's pretty funny, too.

Interestingly enough, Casey, Jenn, and Jim (Lord) Milligan all answered naturally and got their own characters.

I don't know if it counts, but I took the test for Cujo, answering on his behalf as best I could based on my knowledge of his personality, and yes, he ended up being Cujo.

Perhaps a religious scholar out there could answer the questions for God and Satan and find out how they do.


PS: If you're wondering why the Real Person ==> C&A Quiz result stuff isn't in a table, it's because html defeated me. I initally had it in a table, but the table would aggressively center itself (vertically) in the news box. So there was a big blank space between the pre-table text and the table, then the post-table text was under it.

This only goes to confirm my long-running theory that the designers of html were truly and profoundly retarded.

If anyone knows how to make that not happen, please let me know.

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