November 4, 2005

This is one of the few times when I'm really happy with the dialog. Making dialog for comics is tricky, because you have very limited space. And this time, I really think I nailed it. Jenn is talking about Quantum Cop, of course.

I have a buddy who insists that Quantum Cop is a woman. I can tell you all, with no ambiguity, that Quantum Cop is a man. But this doesn't stop my friend and others from working on the "QC is a chick" theory. It all started because the early strips with QC in them were back when I was truly awful at drawing, and his gender wasn't clear from the artwork.

Anyway, it occurs to me that this strip will not make things any easier on me when talking to him.

As for the talk bubbles... oy. It's always annoying to make "radio" or "phone" talk bubbles, cause I have to make a lightning-bolt shaped carat. But panel 5 really challenged me. I had to position the text right next to the phone cause it wouldn't fit anywhere else. So I had to do an arcing lightning bolt shape. What a pain.


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