November 9, 2005

To those of you who aren't hopless nerds, the expression "Bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong" is the Universal Greeting from Transformers, the Movie. Supposedly, you can say it to anyone in the galaxy, and they'll recognize it as a friendly overture. In the movie, it had about a 50% success rate (The sharkicons were only friendly till the protagonists ran out of energon chips).

There is a fair bit of debate on the correct spelling of the Universal Greeting. I went with the spelling that Wikipedia says is the spelling used in the actual script and in Marvel's Transformers comic series.

In other news: Casey and Andy has a Livejournal Mirror that Casey maintains. So every day the strip updates, he has to copy over the news text. And because Livejournal doesn't let you dump HTML directly into a post, he has to manually deal with all the links and formatting changes. He has recently began to complain about me putting formatting and unnecessary links into the news posts, so I will try to make things easier on him in the future.




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