November 16, 2005

I've always had a great love of infantile insults. The often-used and more profane insults aren't funny anymore. But how often do you hear someone called "Nadsack" eh? That's comedic gold.

As for the insults used in the comic...

"Worthless Sack of Crap" - A very old insult, but still packs a punch.
"Festering pile of infected Llama Vomit" - I made that one up. I like the way "Llama Vomit" rolls off the tongue.
"Nadsack" - I first heard this a few years ago. Made me laugh, so I figured I'd pass it along.
"Asstard" - This, of course, is the signature insult of Casey and Andy.
"Ass-Spelunker" - This one is old. But rarely used and funny as hell cause "Spelunk" is a word that is just funny in its own right.
"Crotch-Cheese" - I made that one up, but I bet others have made it up before I did.



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