December 2, 2005

My art experiments continue. Today, all the line art was done with Illustrator, but I did it by tracing over pixel art from a previous C&A.

The end result is that I put a bunch of work into giving you recycled art. :) However, I now have those images in Illustrator format, meaning I can freely change line width and size. So I played with that a bit this strip. Panel 5 "zooms out" to show Andy getting his much-deserved murdering. I did that scaling in Illustrator. So the line widths are the same as they are in other frames. I think it looks much better.

Also, the faces in panel 1 are just scaled up and slightly modified versions of the faces from the other frames.

After making the strip, I began to have second thoughts about the first panel. It kind of looks like Casey and Andy's severed heads, but whatever.


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