December 5, 2005

The scenes Andy refers to have always pissed me off.

Titanic - What the fuck!? She threw a 12 million dollar necklace into the ocean? Oh, woe, my lover died (80 years ago) so I shall throw this necklace into the drink! What a stupid thing to do! I mean, she could have SOLD it in America when she got there. Her family didn't look too rich. She's had that thing all along, through the Great Depression and other disasters, and she held on to it the whole time just so she could THROW IT INTO THE OCEAN!? If I were her family, I'd kill her.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Listen, you ditzy, psychotic, incredibly self-absorbed bitch: If you really want to start your life over, go right ahead, but there's no reason to take it out on your cat. I mean, seriously! It's a good thing George Peppard was more level-headed than you, cause he got right out of the car to rescue the cat. Good man.

Medicine Man - I don't even know where to begin on this. If this had actually happened in the real world, I would assemble photo albums full of pics of people who had died of cancer since her idiotic decision and send them to her. How can anyone possibly be that fucking stupid?

Note: Casey and I seem to have different memories of Medicine Man. I thought it was Rae who does the injection. Casey claims it was Sean Connery, having been brow-beaten into it by Rae. If that's the case, then both those characters deserve a good horse-whipping. Her for insisting on it, him for knuckling.


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