December 12, 2005

I'd like to thank all of you who offered their musical talent up. There were too many emails for me to personally respond to each one, so I'll just say thanks here.

I've selected a very talented a cappella group from Utah.

In other news, something really exiting for us Kim Possible fans has happened: Disney is going to resume production of KP. A fourth season will begin production in the next couple of weeks. Woot!

ADDENDUM: Due to the constant attacks from Spam-Bots on the C&A wiki, I have had to lock the whole thing down. I apologize to the diligent fans who like to add to the wiki, but the spam-bots are able to trash the pages faster than Casey and I can repair them. There will be pre-announced "wiki days" in the future, where it will be unlocked for the day.


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