Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

May 4, 2006

First off, I want to say thank you for all the supportive e-mails thanking me for C&A and whatnot. I got hundreds of them, I was really suprised. Thank you all.

I usually answer emails, but this time there were just too many. They had a lot of common questions, though, so I'll answer them here:

Q: Will you leave the archives up after C&A is done?
A: Yes. I'll leave everything up. While C&A is by far the most popular part of Galactanet, there are actually other parts of it, including Gametable. So don't worry. I will be keeping galactanet up and running for a long, long time.

Q: Will you "hand off" the strip to another author or artist if the opportunity presents itself?
A: I would have to say no. One of the reasons I'm ending C&A is to prevent it from "Jumping the Shark". Handing the strip off to another author would create a high risk for exactly that problem.

Q: Can I print/repost/cameo/etc. C&A characters and content?
A: Yes. I am and have always been fine with anyone doing whatever they want with C&A images, content, stories, characters, etc. So long as you don't make money off of it.

Q: Will you show Satan Naked in Strip 666? (Seriously, this question was asked in like 30 emails)
A: No. Sorry. I did consider it, but I decided to take the high road. There are plenty of better artists than me out there. Some of them are C&A readers. If any of them want to make Naked Satan Pics, they're welcome to.

Q: Do you plan to start another comic?
A: Yes. :) I'm not ready to release details yet. And due to events that are too complicated to explain here, I will have to post the first issue of the new comic *before* C&A ends. So you can definitely consider it to be "coming soon".

Q: Will this new comic have hot chicks?
A: Ok, nobody actually asked that. But the answer is yes.


It's been about 250 strips since I last drew J.J. Hope you're all glad to see her again. :)

And yeah, I'll admit that showing Jenn in bondage is a *bit* of a fanservice.

In the final panel, J.J. is sneaking along the outer wall of Jenn's house, toward the front door. She's supposed to be leaning against the wall, edging along. I'm not sure that came across too well. It kind of looks like she's not leaning against the wall, and that she has a really funny walk.


Since this is the last story arc, I'll be posting a trivia tidbit about C&A or its production every update. Today's trivia:

When writing Story Arcs, I have an internal rule I follow: "When things happen, they happen to Jenn".


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