Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

May 8, 2006

Yes, Quantum Crook. How could I have a finale story arc without the strip's most popular villain?

So I'm still getting email from well-wishers and again, I say thanks. When I decided I'd be ending the strip, I was afraid I was letting the readers down. But now I don't feel that way at all. You've all had such nice things to say. :)

Some additional questions that have come up enough to warrant mentioning here

Q: Do you have any plans to make a book of C&A comics?
A: At present, I don't. I might someday, but there are no immediate plans for it. When it's over, there will be 666 C&A strips. That's a *lot* of formatting. Bleh.

Q: You mentioned you are working on another comic. Is the cheesecake from Strip 522 one of the characters from that comic?
A: Actually, no. That was a character from a completely different comic idea that I later abandoned.

Q: Will the new comic be gag-a-day, and heavy on the mad science?
A: Nope. It'll be completely serial, and less focused on gags and more on story. It'll be a completely different experience than reading C&A and might not be to the liking of many C&A readers.

In other random news, "Bob" was cameoed in Irregular Webcomic!. Thank you, David Morgan-Mar.


I originally had a story-arc in mind centering on Don Cindy. I was going to introduce her parents, who are black but act extremely white. Like "Ward and June Cleaver" white.

Having indirectly revealed that she was adopted, I was going to later shock the readers by revealing that she is actually Andy and Satan's daughter. (Andy and Satan met in 1986, Don Cindy is 16 as of 2006. Plenty of oppority for her to be born.) Satan initally dated Andy because she felt it was time to create the "Spawn of Satan". Satan doesn't need to follow the normal physical rules of pregnancy and Cindy was born without Andy ever knowing Satan was pregnant. She adoped the shild out, because the Spawn must live as a mortal until the the Armegeddon. Satan later grew fond of Andy and stuck around.

But, I decided against it. Though I was laying the groundwork. I "aged" Cindy from 13 to 16 to set up for that story-arc. Because a hot chick is a way more interesting villain than a kid.


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