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July 3, 2006

Been doing a lot of yard work on my new back yard. Boy am I worn out. I have aches and pains in places I didn't even know I had nerve endings. But I finally cleared away some of the wild growth to clear up a good view of the lake, so I'm happy.

In other news, Alert readers have told me that Cartoon Network's "Venture Brothers" show made a reference to "Grover Cleveland's Time Machine". Odds are it's just a coincidence. But man wouldn't it be cool if that was inspired by C&A?

Oh, and if you haven't yet, go read Cheshire Crossing and tell all your friends how cool it is. I crave that external validation; it's like water to me.


I have always felt bad that I never defined Casey and Andy's *other* neighbor. Jenn lives on one side of their house, but who lives on the other? I went through several ideas, but never came up with one I liked. Some ideas I had were:

- A family of vampires.
- A terrorist sent to America to find places to attack, but who ends up totally Americanized, lazy, and addicted to soap operas.
- I considered having a strip that showed C&A's house, then panned over to the next door neighbor, which is a small swamp with the Leage of Recurring Antagonists Headquarters in it. So all along, it was right next door. Funny. Yeah. Maybe not.
- An elderly couple who grumble about the occasional bits of mad science in their yard. The husband would say "Get off my lawn" a lot.
- Aliens who VERY POORLY pretend to be human.


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