Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

July 6, 2006

The response to Cheshire Crossing was large enough that I ran in to problems with the software I was using for the mailing list. I had to transfer all the addresses over to a some new mailing list software. But my webhost requires everyone to confirm that they want to be on that list. So if you didn't get a confirmation email asking if you still want to be on Cheshire Crossing's mailing list, you should sign up for it again. Also you should probably make sure things from "Cheshire Crossing" don't get spam filtered.

In other news, I'm learning that home-ownership consists almost entirely of working on the house. Pretty much every spare moment I have has gone toward that end. But I'm starting the reap the rewards of it.

Anyway as you can see, we've had a little plot twist today, it is only the first of many. I'm sure there will be many questions, but you'll just have to wait till the story unfolds to find out the answers. :)


The fans have given names to things I never named. For instance, the only story arc I ever specifically named was the Quantum Crook arc. The others were all named by fans. You may be tempted to point out that the Satan cheesecake strip in the middle of Mountain of Mages refers to the arc by that name, but the reason is because the fans had already named it by then.

And will someone please answer This riddle? A reader posted it on the forum. I've got no idea what the answer is.


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