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About a week ago, I had knee surgery. Boy am I sick of having my knee hurt. It was arthroscopic surgery, so it'll be a faster recovery time. But it's still been a week without being able to walk more than about 100 feet, and feeling random pain. I'm told I can expect another two weeks of that sort of thing before it settles down.

Today's C&A Trivia:

Casey and Andy is one of the few webcomics that was around during 9/11 that didn't make any reference to it at the time. C&A started in February of 2001, but it went on hiatus for about 8 months starting in July 2001. Thus, September 11th was during the hiatus.

It hasn't made much in the way of reference to it after the fact because it's something I don't like to talk about and something I definitely don't find funny. The only reference in all of C&A to 9/11 is here.



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