Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

I've been pretty busy this week and I didn't have time to make a proper strip. So you get cheesecake. That's the deal that I came up with some time ago. I don't remember how, but that's the deal. No strip = cheesecake.

For those of you who are worried about me "running out of strips" before finishing the arc, don't. I'm going to keep making comics until the story arc is over. I likely won't be able to get it done by Strip 666, considering that's only 14 strips away. So maybe C&A ultimately has a run of over 666 Strips. Not the end of the world.

The real Cujo is still alive and kicking. He's 13 years old now and healthy as a horse. His latest annoying habit (in a long line of unique and bizarre personality quirks) is something I call "The Town Crier". He will periodically, without any reason, start meowing. For about 10 seconds. Then he gets over himself. This isn't a big deal, normally. But at 3am it can be a little irritating.

Anyway, here's a recent pic of Cujo in a very refined and dignified pose:


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