Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

August 4, 2008:

They say that in a story, the main characters should undergo a change of some kind. Well, there you go. Quantum Cop lied. He's never been able to do that before.

With the strip count at 663, if I wanted to stick to 666 strips as my ending point, I would really have to compress things. Or have fairly "tall" pages with lots of frames. It would be nice to end it on 666, but as I said before, telling the story well is more important than an arbitrary ending point. We'll see how it goes.



We first saw the Dimensional-Teleport-O-Mat in Strip 197. The swirling portal effect for it was first seen in Strip 200. And, one final tidbit of trivia, Strip 200 was the first time a C&A strip was "story arc sized".


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