Note: The current story-arc begins at Strip 621

August 11, 2008:

And so we see a happy ending for the Religious Zealot. What better place for him than 1886? Even Quantum Crook gets a happy ending.

I had to think a bit for what "Evil Jenn" would look like. I decided to play it simple. Give her an eyepatch (a good evil indicator) and change her color scheme. Seems to work all right. I considered naming her "Jen" (one N instead of Jenn's usual 2) but I thought that might be too subtle. So she's Jann.


Of the various dimensions Casey and Andy have gone to, we saw the most of the D&D dimension. Most of the "Mountain of Mages" story arc took place there. But the most interesting dimension would have to be the "Dimension of Hackneyed Stereotyped Opposites", which I of course based on Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror" universe.

In that dimension, we see the following character's hackneyed opposites:

Andy - Andi
Doctor X - Doctor Y
Mary - Space Shuttle Commander
Mime Assassin - Mime plumber
Lord Milligan - "Milligan" (a rock star)
Quantum Cop - Quantum Crook
Jenn - Jann

And, I suppose it should be mentioned:
Cosplay Cop - Confederate Cop

Notably absent is Satan. It just never came up.


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